Bulls news: Kris Dunn admits he needs to flop more to get his free-throw rate up
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Bulls’ Kris Dunn admits he needs to flop more to get his free-throw rate up

Kris Dunn, Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are not a good basketball team at the moment. However, the struggling Bulls do have some talented young players on the team’s current roster, former Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Kris Dunn included.

With everyone on the Bulls looking to get better and turn things around, Dunn obviously understands that getting to the bucket and shooting more free throws will help his game become more well-rounded.

“Just keep being aggressive; getting downhill,” Dunn recently told Darnell Mayberry  of The Athletic. “I’m a bigger guard, so when I hit somebody it doesn’t really affect me. If it’s smaller guards, they go in there and they can get hit a little bit and flail their bodies so it looks like they’re getting hit so bad. But when I’m getting hit, it doesn’t look like I’m getting hit like that.”

So, simply put, does Dunn think he needs to do more flopping?

“Yeah,” Dunn told Mayberry. “That’s what I’ve got to learn. I’ve got to learn some of that. But I played football, so you’ve got to really hit me for me to actually flop. So that’s something that I’ve got to learn. There’s tricks of the trade in the game.”

The Bulls will presumably be picking pretty high in the upcoming 2019 NBA Draft, leading to yet another talented young player heading to the “Windy City.” However, it will most certainly take more than one more young player to push the lowly Bulls in a positive direction sooner rather than later.