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Kris Dunn upbeat about offense, despite drastic change of pace under Jim Boylen

Kris Dunn, Bulls

Chicago Bulls point guard Kris Dunn has had some adjusting to do upon coming back from a left knee injury that sidelined him through most of the early part of this season. Dunn’s talent flourished last season under former coach Fred Hoiberg, but in 2018-19, he was forced to change his explosive end-to-end game to suit a more traditional half-court execution under Jim Boylen, a drastic change for a floor general in his third year in the league.

Asked if the change proved challenging, Dunn noted he had to listen and adapt as he was told.

“Nah. I think I got good listening skills,” said Kris Dunn, according to K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune. “I just listen to what coaches want me to do. I’m never one to disobey Coach’s rules.”

“There have been games where it worked. And there have been games where it’s on us to make shots. We’ve been getting good looks. We’ve been getting downhill from the offense. So it’s on us.”

Dunn would get a lot of his easy looks in transition under Hoiberg, hoisting a decent amount of 3-pointers as well. Under Boylen, Dunn has been forced to run plays more often and take what the defense gives him instead of forcing the matter by means of his speed.

The Providence product has only shot 12 3-pointers in 10 games since returning to action, a vast difference from the four-to-five attempts from deep he’d see playing for Hoiberg. Yet his numbers look plenty similar to last season’s despite the short sample size — a welcome sign of consistency for a young point guard on the rise.