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Michael Jordan Bulls debut tickets expected to sell at auction for a whopping $300,000

Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

A pair of tickets from Michael Jordan’s NBA debut with the Chicago Bulls is hitting the auction block, and they could very well command a massive price because of their rarity.

According to Bonhams, who is handling the auction and sale of the rare tickets, they expect the items to fetch anywhere between $200,000 to $300,000. Jordan made his debut for the Bulls on October 26, 1984.

On their auction page, Bonhams shared that one oft the tickets had the words “Michael Jordan’s first game” inscribed on the front. The same words are also written on the other ticket, but on the back. One of the tickets also has the signature of ex-NBA player Dallas Comegys, who was apparently able to sign the ticket since he’s in attendance during the game that day.

The story behind the tickets was also disclosed on the listing, per Bonhams:

That day, the owner of this pair of tickets was a junior in high school at Elgin Academy, located around 30 miles northwest of Chicago. A big college basketball fan, he was chatting with his two friends during lunchtime about the Chicago Bulls newest draft pick, Michael Jordan. The Bulls were not a high performing team at that time and the drafting of Jordan had caused some excitement amongst fans.

With Michael Jordan memorabilia soaring in prices in recent years, the expected price for the pair of tickets from his debut game doesn’t sound absurd at all. Apparently, a similar ticket–albeit unused and in full red and black–sold for $468,000 last February.

The tickets are certainly extremely rare, and considering the current market for sports items–especially those related to MJ, Kobe Bryant and the likes–it won’t be surprising to see them sell for than the expected price. The auction has already started and ends on September 29th.