Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan will go down as one of the greatest to ever do it. That's why it's not surprising to hear that a pair of his game-worn sneakers sold for a record-breaking $1.47 million at an auction on Sunday. Yes, you heard that right.

The kicks were classic red and white Nike's from MJ's rookie season in 1984. They were worn in the fifth game of the campaign and were bought by a high-end cards collector named Nick Fiorella, according to Bloomberg.

As you can see, the Michael Jordan sneakers smashed the previous record by more than double the amount of $615,000. While they did break the record for an NBA shoe, it's not the most expensive sneaker ever. A pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1's sold for $1.8 million in April.

Jordan memorabilia typically sells for a ton of money in these types of auctions. Jerseys have fetched quite a bit of coin in the past as well, whether it was from his North Carolina or Bulls days.

The head of Sotheby's streetwear and modern collectibles, Brahm Wachter, said this in a statement:

“Record-breaking result for the Jordan Nike Air Ships affirms the place of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan franchise at the pinnacle of the sneaker market.”

Indeed, MJ apparel is booming right now. That's what happens when you're a global icon in the sport.