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Most Americans believe Michael Jordan is the GOAT by wide margin over LeBron James

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While the basketball world has been on the annual frenzy for the title of Greatest of All-Time, an eighth straight trip to the NBA Finals made a case for LeBron James to reach those heights while getting his sixth loss in nine tries hurt that case; this being the second time he’s been swept out of The Finals in his career.

According to Public Policy Polling, a large amount of Americans still believe Michael Jordan is the GOAT, and do so by a wide margin, being one of the few concepts to win by a landslide.

“We polled on two great internet debates and settled one while another will rage on. When it comes to who the GOAT is there’s not a lot of division among Americans- 54% say it’s Michael Jordan to only 14% for LeBron James. Much divides us along party lines these days but the belief that Jordan is the greatest ever is one that brings us together as Democrats (60/17), Republicans (51/17), and independents (49/8) alike.”

That’s quite the disparity, as Jordan nearly quadrupled James’ votes in this poll, winning in quite a strong fashion,

While this debate is likely to go on, especially among those who have only witnessed James play — his case for the title of GOAT dwindles by the minute, with only a few years left in his career to make a mark for the title of all-time great.