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WATCH: Scottie Pippen criticizes LeBron James for GOAT comments

LeBron James, Scottie Pippen, Bulls, Lakers

LeBron James, who has one of the most storied careers in NBA history, recently proclaimed that he was the greatest player of all time and the Los Angeles Lakers star received immediate backlash to his comments from various former players. On Friday, former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen discussed James’ comments.

“That’s Danny Ainge’s opinion and we all have our opinion. My problem is more so with LeBron is if you are the greatest player, if people are saying you are the greatest player, or if people are saying Michael Jordan is the greatest player why do you need to say it?

“Michael Jordan has never ever said he’s the greatest player to ever play the game. Why? He’s respected all the other players before him. So for LeBron to say that, he’s sort of putting himself out of it because you can’t say you’re the greatest players. You have to allow your peers in the world to say it.

“I think it’s pretty great that a guy won three titles, left for two years and came back and won three more. Winning ultimately decides who the greatest players are in the game.”

First and foremost, the notion that Michael Jordan was a humble basketball player or humble about his success is ludicrous. In Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech, he even took his time to settle old scores and remind old foes that he was better than them?

This is the player being painted as the face of humility and respect.

James believes he’s the greatest of all time. Jordan also believes he’s the greatest of all time. If you cross into other sports, there are a myriad of worthy players who consider themselves to be the best player or fighter their sport has ever had to offer.

Who is actually the GOAT is up for debate but the argument that Jordan is the greatest because of LeBron’s self-professed status as the greatest is downright laughable.