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Scottie Pippen’s perfect Throwback Thursday post commemorating Michael Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Bulls

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen won #ThrowbackThursday well before many people were out of bed.

The longtime Bulls forward celebrated the popular hashtag with a picture of himself holding onto Michael Jordan, one made memorable during “The Flu Game,” which took place 23 years ago during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz:

Since ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docuseries aired, the myth of this infamous Bulls game has since been dispelled, as Jordan and his longtime trainer Tim Grover admitted it was actually a case of food poisoning (though many still don’t believe this tale).

One of the last few episodes of “The Last Dance” narrates how Jordan was hungry the night before Game 5 and chose to order a pizza from the only place open nearby. Going against Grover’s gut feeling (no pun intended), Jordan ate the entire pizza and soon felt the consequences of it.

A few hours into his sleep, Jordan was sweating and writhing in pain from the food poisoning.

Nevertheless, Jordan soldiered through the agony and went on to score 38 points in 44 minutes of play, with the lasting images from that game being this photo of Pippen helping Jordan off the court after an exhausting 90-86 Game 5 win for Chicago.

The Jazz were previously undefeated at home throughout the postseason with a 10-0 mark before Jordan and the Bulls broke through with this massive road win.

Pippen poked some fun at this moment with the sick face and pizza emojis, having some good fun for old times’ sake.

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