Bulls news: Scottie Pippen says Kobe Bryant would outshoot Michael Jordan
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Scottie Pippen says Kobe Bryant would outshoot Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen

Michael Jordan may be widely considered as the greatest basketball player ever, but there are also some legends that made their mark on the game, and established themselves as all-time greats. One of them is Kobe Bryant, who retired after the 2015-16 season after an illustrious 20-year career, winning the NBA title five times.

While Jordan’s all-around brilliance is hard to contest, his former teammate, Scottie Pippen, thinks that when it comes to shooting, he won’t stand a chance against the former Los Angeles Lakers star. Known as a knock down shooter from the perimeter, Pippen believes Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan on that particular facet of the game.

“There’s no way MJ could outshoot Kobe.”

Scottie Pippen played alongside Jordan for 11 seasons with the Chicago Bulls and formed one of the most dynamic duos in history. They won six championships together, which cemented their legacies as two of the most successful tandems ever. That  said, they have a deeper understanding of each other’s games, which could be the reason why Pippen thinks shooting is one of the weaker areas in the former five-time MVP’s game.

Although it will never be proven if Pippen’s claim will hold true or not, it’s definitely an interesting comment from the Bulls legend. Not a lot may even have the courage to say that Michael Jordan could be beaten in anything basketball-related by Kobe Bryant, but it also shows how highly he thinks of Lakers legend’s game. It may be something that will divide the opinion of many, but Pippen also proved that he is not shy to give his take on something, even if it could be thought of as an unpopular one.