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Bulls’ Zach LaVine expresses frustration following another blowout loss

Zach LaVine, Bulls

Chicago Bulls forward Jabari Parker can’t help but voice out his frustration after the team suffered another blowout loss, The Miami Heat beat them 117-103 at home.

In a postgame interview with Chicago Tribune’s KC Johnson, Parker sounded upset, as he tries to figure out what’s happening with the Bulls.

“Something is obviously wrong. We weren’t losing by double digits earlier in the season. We might’ve been losing but we didn’t even have a full roster. I don’t know. We’re a better team now. And we’re getting blown out. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

The Bulls, who suffered a 30-point beatdown at the hands of the Denver Nuggets a few days ago, have now lost ten straight games and are tied with the New York Knicks for the second worst record in the league.

Parker has been vocal about his emotions towards the Bulls this season. He was signed to a two-year, $20 million deal last summer, but is often seen at the end of the bench, playing garbage minutes or not even stepping into the court at all despite not suffering from any injuries.

Earlier this month, Parker became a regular part of the rotation again, but that doesn’t seem to help the Bulls at all. It is also likely that the athletic, but oft-injured forward will be sent to another team as the NBA trade deadline nears.

No one really knows where Chicago this season, but from the looks of it, they will likely get a high lottery pick in next year’s draft if they don’t start winning games anytime soon.