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Bulls star Zach LaVine gets real on why he joined LeBron James, Rich Paul on Klutch Sports

Zach LaVine Bulls LeBron James Rich Paul Klutch Sports

The Chicago Bulls made some major moves this offseason. But so did their franchise player Zach LaVine.

The Bulls star changed his representation ahead of his next contract, joining the Klutch Sports stable alongside LeBron James and power broker Rich Paul. The Los Angeles Lakers star even welcomed LaVine on Twitter after the move.

The Bulls guard spoke candidly to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst detailing it was a move to grow his brand.


“For me, it was more of a leadership part where I needed to go and align myself with a brand I really wanted to be with,” LaVine said of the move. “I just wanted to continue to grow my brand and Klutch aligned with me perfectly. I can’t account for what other people’s opinions might be. I made this decision for me and my family moving forward.”

It’s certainly an interesting move from LaVine given that the Bulls would undoubtedly offer him a max extension in a heartbeat. Klutch Sports has been known to play a key role in negotiating for player exits from their respective teams, as we’re seeing from the ongoing Ben Simmons-Philadelphia 76ers trade saga and from Anthony Davis’ move to the Lakers in the past.

While this obviously doesn’t signal anything exactly on what Zach LaVine’s intentions are off the court, the All-Star plans to keep the focus on the basketball to be played. When asked about the skepticism on their offseason moves and the extension he’s yet to sign with Chicago, LaVine said he’s just ready to play and win.

“I can’t control any of those narratives, any of those thoughts or opinions,” said the Bulls star. “What I can control is what I do on the court. That’s what I do best, I take care of business. I’ll come into camp ready to be a good teammate and be a better leader every day and help my team win. I think that shows my value and I’ll let my business part speak for itself when the time comes.”

Winning solves most problems, after all. If the Chicago Bulls can turn into a surprise contender next season, it could go a long way in convincing Zach LaVine to sign on the dotted line.