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What Michael Jordan really thought of Clyde Drexler, per Craig Hodges

Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan

During “The Last Dance” documentary, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan admitted that he was upset when pundits compared him to Clyde Drexler during the 1992 NBA Finals.

Jordan said he attacked Drexler every night during the 1992 Finals just to prove to everyone that Drexler wasn’t even close to him. The Bulls won the series over the Portland Trail Blazers in six games, with Jordan winning his second straight Finals MVP.

Former Bulls shooting guard Craig Hodges, who has been critical of Jordan ever since the documentary came out, shed some light on what MJ used to tell people behind the scenes about Drexler during an interview with VLAD TV.

The sharpshooter revealed that Jordan thought Drexler was just as good as him. However, the Bulls icon didn’t think “Clyde the Glide” knew how to play the game.

“Not every great athlete is marketable,” the former Bulls talent said. “I remember having a conversation one time, it was like four of us, MJ included. And the conversations came up about Clyde Drexler. And MJ said this: ‘Clyde Drexler is just as good as me. He just don’t know how to play the game.’

“And we ain’t talking about basketball.”

Michael Jordan is one of the richest people in the world because of his marketability. It helped that he played in a big city like Chicago.

However, if the Bulls weren’t winning championship after championship and Jordan wasn’t the best player in the world, “His Airness” wouldn’t have gotten all those endorsement deals. During “The Last Dance,” MJ even admitted that his game did all the talking for him and that Nike, Coke and McDonalds wouldn’t have been interested in him if he was averaging 2.0 points and 2.0 rebounds.