Nearly 13 years after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a scrapped after-credits scene has been uncovered, suggesting that the developers initially envisioned a much darker ending for the game. This revelation adds a new layer of intrigue to the already dramatic conclusion of one of the franchise’s most beloved titles.

In the original ending of the 2011 game, Captain John Price and Yuri track the notorious villain Makarov to a hotel in Dubai. The climax of this high-stakes pursuit sees Price crashing a helicopter onto the building's rooftop to trap Makarov. The ensuing confrontation is intense: Makarov, after emerging from the wreckage, grabs a gun with the intent to kill Price. However, Yuri intervenes, shooting Makarov. In retaliation, Makarov kills Yuri, but the distraction provides Price the opportunity to perform a daring maneuver.

Price dives through the hotel’s glass ceiling, uses a steel cable to hang Makarov, and then, in a moment of grim satisfaction, crawls across the shattered glass to light a cigar while watching Makarov's lifeless body. The credits then roll, leaving players with the impression that Price survives the ordeal despite his injuries.

Unearthed Scene Suggests Darker Ending For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The newly discovered scene, unearthed by Call of Duty modder Vlad Loktionov, paints a much bleaker picture. This 50-second clip seemingly takes place shortly after the dramatic rooftop showdown. It features a mysterious, partially obscured man in a suit, who surveys the site of Makarov’s hanging. As this shadowy figure turns and walks away, the perspective shifts to Price. His vision blurs, and he drops his cigar and head, remaining motionless. The scene then fades to black, transitioning to a photograph of the Operation Kingfish team, which includes Price and other characters who have died over the course of the story.

MW3 Cut Post-Credits Scene (4K)

This unearthed scene has sparked significant discussion among Call of Duty fans. Many were surprised by the suggestion that Price might have died from his injuries, as the original ending implied he had survived. The act of lighting a cigar post-battle suggested that his wounds were not life-threatening. The inclusion of the Operation Kingfish photo immediately after this scene further underscores the notion of Price's potential demise, as all other members in the photograph are deceased by that point in the narrative.

Despite the dark implications of this deleted scene, it is not considered canon within the Call of Duty universe. Both Call of Duty: Heroes and Call of Duty: Mobile explicitly state that Price survived the events of Modern Warfare 3. This continuity maintains Price's legacy within the franchise, allowing him to appear in subsequent titles and storylines.

Speculation Surrounds Identity Of Shadowy Figure

The identity of the shadowy figure in the after-credits scene has become a topic of speculation. Fans have proposed various theories, ranging from the figure being a miraculously alive Imran Zakhaev, a major antagonist from previous games, to representing the Grim Reaper himself, symbolizing the death that surrounds the characters in the series.

The discovery of this deleted after-credits scene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has added a fascinating “what if” scenario to the game's lore. While it does not alter the established storyline, it offers a glimpse into an alternate narrative path that could have significantly changed the fate of one of the franchise’s most iconic characters. This revelation highlights the creative decisions made during the game's development and continues to fuel fan discussions and theories about the rich, intricate world of Call of Duty.

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