There's a nice little friendly rivalry that has sparked up between Candace Parker and Shaq in recent weeks. It's hard to tell if there is actual tension or not between the two but regardless, it has made for fascinating television on TNT.

As mentioned, it started a few weeks back when Parker dismissed and flat out proved Shaq's idea of switching more on the modern day pick and rolls and rotating incorrect. Candace Parker made mention of all the three-point shooters in today's game that line up all over the perimeter. Shaq seemed to dismiss Parker's account, but Dwyane Wade took her side.

Last night, Shaq offered up a fairly egregious suggestion on how to make the WNBA better.

On both instances where the two have had disagreements that have gone viral, it really seems like Candace Parker has come out on top amongst those on Twitter.

If you believe the WNBA has a popularity problem, a viewership problem, that's one thing. Suggesting that lowering the hoops would change it seems like a magical leap of faith that would come up well short.

I don't believe Shaq came from a place of distain or general dislike of the WNBA but if he could, maybe he walks this one back.

Parker's quick dismissal of the idea while doubling down saying her next daughter will be able to throw it down is what legends are made of. She has stepped into this role on TNT and not held back when these topics come up. It's been a gem of a find for TNT in adding Parker to the squad.

We all look forward to the next battle between Candace Parker and Shaq.