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Capitals’ Tom Wilson essentially tried to murder Rangers star Artemi Panarin on ice

Tom Wilson Artemi Panarin Capitals

Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals is a dangerous man. A noted goon, Wilson essentially tried to murder New York Rangers star Artemi Panarin during their game on Monday.

Everything started when the Canadian made an extremely dangerous play on Pavel Buchnevich, as he punched the Russian while laying on the ground.

Panarin saw what Wilson did and obviously didn’t like what he saw, and he came to the defense of his teammate. As the two were scuffling, Tom Wilson inexplicably just body slammed Panarin head first on the ice, which could have gone really bad. To make matters worse, he didn’t just do so once, but went in for second servings.

Panarin and the NHL as a whole are very fortunate that the altercation didn’t result into any catastrophic damage.

With the way Wilson slammed Panaris on his head, not once but twice, the punishment for Wilson should really be a no-brainer. If it were up to Larry Brooks of The New York Post, he would have Wilson banned from the league for good.

For real, though. Brooks definitely has a point. Wilson’s history suggests he’s extremely dangerous and this needs to be the last straw. There is no place for these kinds of actions on the ice. The league has to do something now so that a scum like him isn’t free to inflict damage around the league. Do they really have to wait until (God-forbid) he actually causes a casualty?

Panarin wasn’t able to finish the game due to a lower-extremity injury, but he’s still probably feeling the effects of Tom Wilson’s harmful actions.