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Cardinals’ Kliff Kingsbury describes relationship he wants to build with Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray is the Arizona Cardinals newest toy but Kliff Kingsbury is also new to the NFL game and both are probably equally important in how this teams going forward. It isn’t individually what these two do that’s most important, it’s how these two learn to work together and trust each other that will be most important.

Kingsbury said for the relationship to work it’s important for Murray to know that he is going to try and put him in the best position to succeed, and he needs Murray to give him the same back.

“He’s gotta know what I’m about and I have to know what he’s about,” Kingsbury said when asked about the relationship he wants to build with Murray via Jeffri Chadiha of NFL.com. “There’s a level of respect there. He knows I’m going to do everything I can to make him the best player he can be and I know he’s going to sell out because he wants to be great. When you start there, you can pretty much work through anything.”

Kingsbury tried to recruit Murray to Texas Tech so these two had some type of relationship even before the Cardinals drafted him with the first overall pick.

Kingsbury knows how important it is for Murray and him to have a good relationship because if they don’t it will probably be Kingsbury who will be on the way out. Not often does a team keep a coach over a quarterback, and if Murray does have success and the two don’t get along, chances are Kingsbury will be shipped out.

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