Cardinals news: Kliff Kingsbury not showcasing actual offense yet
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Kliff Kingsbury says Cardinals not showcasing actual offense in preseason

Kliff Kingsbury, Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals approach the 2019-20 NFL season with plenty of questions. They have a rookie head coach in Kliff Kingsbury and a rookie quarterback in Kyler Murray. They are purposely holding off actual offensive plays, saving it for the regular season.

“The games, we’re trying to keep it close to the vest, obviously,” Kingsbury said to Peter King of NBC Sports. “We’re trying to get our players used to playing with each other. But . . . it’s interesting for me, because this is the NFL, and I’ve never called a game in my life where I wasn’t in straight attack mode. Kyler and I are adjusting to that,” said the 40-year-old head coach.

The Cardinals are in a period of adjustment and Kingsbury is opting to focus on team chemistry and familiarity. He wants everyone to get acquainted and then try to figure out the best way to use Murray.

But with the preseason games hardly showing their true potential, assessing the Cardinals is futile. The Cardinals do not have an impressive roster, but the expectations will still be high this coming NFL season. All eyes remain on Murray and what he can do despite being undersized. For pundits, this is something they were hoping to see in preseason games but to no avail.

The Cardinals wrapped up their last open training-camp practice on Saturday and their closed-session on Sunday. With only three weeks left in the preseason, Arizona is expected to continue to hold off their planned offensive schemes anchored on Murray.