The Arizona Cardinals are currently in the midst of a contract dispute with star quarterback Kyler Murray, but their latest announcement is sure to irritate the 24-year-old.

The Cardinals announced on Monday that they would be the focus of HBO's Hard Knocks for the in-season edition of the show. Effectively, while Arizona navigates both a potential playoff run and Murray's contract negotiations, they'll also have a camera crew following them around at all times.

With Murray and the Cardinals still at odds, it seems like the last thing the two sides needs is the presence of a camera crew analyzing their every move.

Still, the Cardinals made the announcement on Monday and the show will begin releasing in November, right in the heart of the regular season.

This comes on the heels of reports that Murray plans to skip the Cardinals OTAs. Of course, while the training camp is optional, it should come as no surprise that Murray won't be in attendance, especially as he continues to angle for a new contract.

Murray is currently playing under his rookie deal and is due to make less than $1 million in base salary in 2022. In total, he's expected to pocket around $5.5 million this season, while carrying a cap hit of $11.3 million.

The former No. 1 overall pick did have his fifth-year option picked up by the Cardinals, meaning he's slated to earn $29.7 million in 2023 before hitting free agency in 2024. Kyler Murray will continue to angle for a big contract extension, but as of now, Adam Schefter indicates there's no new update in regards to his deal.