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Larry Fitzgerald reveals he’d be long gone if he won a Super Bowl ring

Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s longevity in the NFL is well known.

But is it self-imposed due to having unfinished business?

Asked about if a Super Bowl victory would complete his NFL career, the 17-year pro and Cardinal lifer had a very honest answer.

“Absolutely, that would definitely validate me. That would definitely validate me for sure,” Fitzgerald said Thursday. “You wouldn’t see me around here anymore if that happened. I’m just telling you, I got some other things up my sleeve. I got some big things on my agenda.”

This answer leads to a few questions and a deeper appreciation of Fitzgerald’s loyalty to the Cardinals organization. If Fitzgerald had won a ring a few years ago would he still be in the league? Also if his ultimate goal was a Super Bowl victory, why didn’t he leave to any of the legitimate contenders that would have loved to have procured his services throughout the years? It seems as though what he really wants is to win a Super Bowl with the Cardinals before retiring.

A few years ago that would have seemed impossible. Now, however, the Cardinals have a new cast of characters around the 37-year old, including one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins which will help take the pressure off the veteran, as well as a rising star in the league at quarterback in Kyler Murray. While his rookie year left much to be desired, Murray’s stock is on the rise this season, especially with the addition of Hopkins.

While probably not there yet, if Fitzgerald can stay healthy and stay in the league for a couple more years his dream could become a reality. It’s not going to be easy, especially in a tough NFC West, but Larry Fitzgerald might be able to pull a Peyton Manning and ride off into the sunset as Super Bowl Champion.