Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has been involved in many trade rumors dating all the way back to the offseason, but general manager Steve Keim made it clear again that the team would not be trading him.

One of the big reasons that the Peterson trade rumors have been swirling again is the talk about the Cardinals trading for Jalen Ramsey. Keim couldn't discuss those trade rumors specifically because of league tampering rules, but did make it clear that trading Peterson would make the team worse.

“We're not trading Pat and that's something we've been very consistent with,” Keim said via the Cardinals team website noting that Peterson is “arguably the best corner in the National Football League..”

“You always ask yourself, does a move make us better or worse?” Keim said. “To lose someone like Pat Peterson would make us worse.”

One of the big reasons there were rumors swirling about Ramsey is the team restructured linebacker Chandler Jones' contract to open up $4 million in cap space.

According to Keim, the restructure had nothing to do with making a trade, rather they just wanted more cap space in case they need to sign more players because of injury.

“You want to make sure you have some flexibility moving forward,” Keim added, noting that the team makes contractual decisions like the one with Jones often. “I wouldn't read into that conversion.”

Peterson still has four games left to serve for his six-game suspension, but once it's over, expect him to take the field with the Cardinals.