Cardinals rumors: Arizona 'love' Baker Mayfield, may trade up for him
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Cardinals reportedly ‘love’ Baker Mayfield, may trade up for him

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The Arizona Cardinals have their quarterback for right now in Sam Bradford. But they are still in need of a QB of the future. They are expecting to take on in the coming draft. It sounds like they may have settled on someone.

Rumor has it that they love Baker Mayfield.

Peter King has speculated in a post Monday on MMQB that the Cardinals are going to trade up with Denver for the No. 5 pick. With that pick, he expects them to take Mayfield. After passing on guys last year in the draft and then seeing Carson Palmer retire, they will not miss out on getting their guy this year.

Their guy is apparently Mayfield. Not just because they like him a lot; King says that the Cardinals love him.

Mayfield will be an interesting selection no matter where he goes. He doesn’t have the prototypical size teams often want in a quarterback. But he proved in college that size isn’t always that important. If he can make plays at the NFL level half as good as he did in college, he is going to make one team’s fan base very happy.

Should it be the Cardinals, there will be a good chance he sees the field sooner than later as well. Not that he’ll be better than Bradford (although he could). But that he’ll at some point during the season go down with some kind of injury. He always does.

Doing so last year opened the door for Case Keenum. Maybe this year he’ll open it for Mayfield.