As the anticipation builds for yet another thrilling NFL season, fans and analysts alike eagerly await the emergence of new talents and unexpected stars. Amidst this wave of excitement, the Arizona Cardinals are determined to bounce back from their disappointing 2022 campaign. They harbor a group of underrated sleepers who are poised to leave their mark on the upcoming 2023 NFL season. Having endured a challenging year with only four wins, the Cardinals are determined to rewrite their narrative and reclaim their position as contenders in the league. Let us now embark on a journey to explore the stories of these four remarkable individuals who stand poised to become breakout stars for the Cardinals in the highly anticipated 2023 season.

Sure, the names of these players may not yet be familiar to every football enthusiast. Still, they possess an untapped potential that could significantly contribute to the team's success. With their remarkable abilities and unwavering dedication, these unsung heroes have the potential to ignite a spark that propels the Cardinals to new heights of greatness.

Myjai Sanders

Myjai Sanders is a hidden gem on the Cardinals' roster. As a defensive end, Sanders can bolster the team's pass rush and disrupt opposing quarterbacks. In addition, his ability to generate pressure and make crucial defensive plays could elevate the Cardinals' overall defensive performance. As such, he should provide a significant boost to their chances of success in the upcoming season. Recall that Sanders had a pretty solid rookie season in Arizona. In fact, he had three sacks and 17 solo tackles. Not surprisingly, he has impressed coaches and teammates with his work ethic and determination. With his size, speed, and athleticism, Sanders has the potential to become a force on the Cardinals' defensive line.

Trey McBride

Tight end Trey McBride enters the Cardinals' fold as a promising sophomore right behind veteran Zach Ertz. Last season, McBride recorded 265 receiving yards and one touchdown. He is known for his versatility, as he can line up as a traditional tight end, in the slot, or even in the backfield. Additionally, he has excellent hands and moves well in the passing game. McBride also has impressive blocking ability. This will be crucial in the Cardinals' run-heavy offense. He has also played some snaps on the defensive side of the line. With his work ethic and determination, McBride has the potential to become a key contributor to the Cardinals' offense in the upcoming season.

Greg Dortch

The re-signing of Greg Dortch during the 2023 offseason was an underrated move. However, it signifies the Cardinals' confidence in his abilities. Last year, he had 467 yards on 52 receptions. He also had two touchdowns. Not surprisingly, Dortch impressed coaches and teammates with his speed, agility, and playmaking ability. We fully expect him to make another leap in 2023. He may even be WR2 for Kyler Murray. We'll see. For sure, though, his quickness and route-running ability make Dortch a reliable wideout option for the Cardinals' offensive arsenal.

Jalen Thompson

Jalen Thompson is one of the most unheralded Cardinals players coming out of the 2022 season. That's despite having the second-highest number of total tackles from 2022 (110). That made him a key contributor to the team's defense last year. Now, we feel he's ready to fully take over. Thompson has excellent football instincts and is a sure tackler. These make him a valuable asset in the team's secondary. Thompson's versatility is also impressive. He can play both safety positions and even line up as a nickel cornerback. With his athleticism and playmaking ability, Thompson has the potential to make significant defensive contributions. he should provide stability and leadership to the Cardinals' defensive backfield in 2023.

Looking Ahead

The Arizona Cardinals enter the 2023 NFL season with a renewed sense of purpose and a roster brimming with potential. Head coach Jonathan Gannon's arrival brings anticipation and a fresh perspective to the team's quest for success. While the Cardinals faced challenges and disappointment in the previous season, the emergence of these four underrated sleepers offers hope and excitement for the team and its fans.

As the season unfolds, keep an eye on Myjai Sanders as he wreaks havoc on opposing quarterbacks. Look at Trey McBride's growth as a versatile tight end and Greg Dortch's ability to make electrifying plays. Lastly, count on Jalen Thompson's impact in fortifying the Cardinals' secondary. Their performances and contributions will be crucial in determining the team's success.

With these four underrated sleepers poised to break out, the Cardinals have a compelling opportunity to surpass expectations. They may even make a significant push toward reclaiming their spot among the NFL's elite. As the season approaches, make sure to keep a close watch on these players who could play pivotal roles in the Cardinals' journey toward redemption.