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Carolina Panthers: 1 player who could be a surprise roster cut in the 2022 offseason

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The Carolina Panthers had quite an interesting season. They looked great to begin the year, but in the end, the team couldn’t figure it out down the stretch. Luckily for them, this roster contains some serious young talent. This franchise is close to becoming a playoff contender once again, especially with the NFC South nearly in shambles right now. For that reason, we take a look at a potential surprise Panthers roster cut in the 2022 offseason.

This franchise should be in for a busy offseason. The team could use a big upgrade at quarterback, which would put a band-aid over the other issues on the team. Regardless, there aren’t too many holes for the Panthers to focus on, so when it comes to cut day, the front office will likely aim to gain back some cap space for free agency.

The most likely surprise-cut candidate resides on the defensive side of the ball. Although this player didn’t provide too much production, he’s been a solid depth player throughout his career. Even so, removing him from the team could be essential to the Panthers’ overall goal to get back into the playoffs.

With that said, here is our surprise Panthers roster cut heading into the 2022 offseason.

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Surprise Panthers Roster Cut in 2022 Offseason

Morgan Fox

Not the most exciting name, but that’s probably a good thing for the Panthers. Morgan Fox has been relatively consistent throughout his career, but he’s been more of a depth player. He did put up career highs and lows this last season, but Carolina could use an upgrade on the defensive line.

Furthermore, his contract situation is favorable for Carolina. They have a potential out, which gives the Panthers the freedom to release Fox without suffering too big of a penalty. The only real problem is the Panthers would accrue about a $2.5 million hit in dead cap, which is incredibly small for any NFL franchise.

So, by releasing Morgan Fox, the Panthers would let a role player go, while improving their cap situation. Carolina needs the money to improve areas of more concern. The offensive line needs some help while the receiving core could use another versatile weapon as well. As this would likely be viewed as a minor transaction, it could pay big dividends in the franchise’s search for improvement.

The reason why this cut would be a surprise is that Morgan Fox played a valuable role for the Panthers this year. Although his stat line didn’t show it, Carolina’s defense needed his presence throughout the season. Letting him go could be a bad move for this franchise, but only if the front office doesn’t find a replacement.

There are a ton of talented defensive linemen in the upcoming NFL Draft. Carolina should be searching for a quarterback in the 2022 offseason, but they could make a splash pick within the first three rounds to improve the defensive line. It’ll be interesting to see how the offseason plays out, as this franchise is close to becoming a playoff contender.

Look for the Panthers to make some noise throughout the offseason. If the front office wants to make some big moves, they’ll need to generate a better cap situation. For that reason, we could see Morgan Fox released as the franchise potentially sets their sights on acquiring a superstar quarterback.