The Carolina Panthers are a team in crisis; after beginning the season with a good bit of hope thanks to the offseason additions of Baker Mayfield and Matt Corral, the team's infrastructure couldn't overcome a slow start. After dropping to 1-4 through the first five weeks of the season, Matt Rhule was fired, Steve Wilks was elevated to interim head coach, and a rebuild rapidly became the most likely of outcomes for the team moving forward.

For most, this means potentially trading Christian McCaffrey, the team's superstar running back who just turned 26 over the summer, for a bounty of assets worthy of refilling the team's war chest; with just five picks in the 2023 NFL draft, trading away an extremely good player who is no longer on the team's timeline is an unfortunate option that could pay dividends down the line when contention is once again an option in the Queen City.

McCaffrey, however, is not the only player on the Panthers who could be moved before the November 1st deadline. No, According to Adam Schefter in his article on the subject, Robbie Anderson, a favorite of Rhule since his time at Temple, could also be on the move if a team is willing to pay up for his services. Standing an intriguing 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, Anderson is one of the NFL's premier deep threats, with a unique ability to make plays in the vertical passing game. For a team like, say, the Green Bay Packers, who could use a veteran receiver to help replace the DeVante Adams-sized hole in their offense, bringing aboard Anderson could be a fantastic get, assuming the price is right.

Will Panthers fans have to say goodbye to McCaffrey and Anderson as they prepare for Thanksgiving? Or will trades fail to materialize? Only time will tell but needless to say, the trade deadline is going to be very interesting this year, Carolina Panthers fans.