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Al Horford’s sister Anna reacts to trade back to Celtics

Al Horford Anna Horford Celtics

Al Horford is on his way back to the Boston Celtics. One person who couldn’t be happier is the NBA star’s sister.

Anna Horford reacted to the Celtics deal with a simple GIF of her brother proving she was giddy with excitement:

She also tweeted this:

You might recall how Anna Horford was vocal about being against the All-Star’s move the the Philadelphia 76ers:

“Philly hated us because we never hated on Boston,” said the Celtics big man’s sister in a tweet from last offseason.

She even showed off some of the hate messages that she received from some hostile Sixers fans, some of which were very much NSFW. Safe to say she’s happy that her brother is now playing for the Celtics once again:

The Celtics-bound Al Horford played just one season with the Sixers, and it proved to be arguably the worst one of his lengthy career. He averaged just 11.9 points, the lowest total output since his sophomore season in 2008. His 45% shooting clip from the field was also the worst of his career. Playing alongside another center in Joel Embiid certainly wasn’t the ideal fit for the big man.

With Boston, Al Horford gets a fresh start on a team looking to compete for a title once again around franchise cornerstones Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.