Celtics news: Bill Simmons suggests blockbuster trades that send Anthony Davis, Mike Conley to Boston
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Bill Simmons suggests blockbuster trades that send Anthony Davis, Mike Conley to Celtics

Bill Simmons

Worried about what the Boston Celtics might look like next season, Beantown? Have no fear: Bill Simmons is here.

On The Ringer podcast, Simmons proposed a rather ridiculous way for the Celtics to reshape their roster for the 2019-20 campaign, and it involves Boston landing Anthony Davis (which might actually happen regardless) and Mike Conley.

Simmons has Boston trading the 14th and 20th overall picks in the draft plus Gordon Hayward to the Memphis Grizzlies for Conley, and then he has the C’s trading whatever assets they have left to the New Orleans Pelicans for Davis.

Of course, this is all assuming Kyrie Irving does not re-sign, which is why Simmons has the Celtics pursuing Conley.

While trading for Davis makes sense, the Conley package makes no sense at all. The Grizzlies are not going to take on the rest of Hayward’s contract just to dump Conley, especially when Conley can opt out and become a free agent next summer.

A more realistic scenario for the Celtics would be them trading Jayson Tatum and other pieces for Davis and then re-signing Irving to build a core that would consist of Davis, Irving, Al Horford, Hayward and whatever Boston has left after dealing for Davis.

Based on the fact that the Pelicans seem intent on dealing with the C’s and that Irving would probably be more likely to re-sign in Boston if the Celtics trade for Davis, that is something within the realm of possibility.

But Simmons’ idea will never, ever happen.