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Boston confident Anthony Davis would re-sign, but leery of what Knicks could offer if they garner No. 1 pick

Celtics, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, Danny Ainge

The Boston Celtics are confident they will have what it takes to convince Anthony Davis of staying past 2020, when he’s bound to opt out of his current deal and become an unrestricted free agent. Yet one thing that has worried president Danny Ainge is a potential game-change if the New York Knicks wind up with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and the potential to dole out Zion Williamson as a return for Davis, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“Still, there are scenarios that concern Boston. For instance, the Celtics could disappoint in the postseason. The Knicks could win the draft lottery, and enter the offseason with the one trade asset that tops Tatum: the NBA draft’s No. 1 pick, and the chance to select Duke’s Zion Williamson.”

The Knicks currently have the worst record in the league at 10-40 and boast as good chance as any other of the three teams with the worst overall records in the league to go into the lottery with a 15 percent opportunity to own the top pick.

Things could complicate for the Celtics if the Knicks go all-in and add even more assets into their offer, hopeful that other free agents are willing to join him over the summer.

“If that isn’t enough, the Knicks could add Kevin Knox to their offer and hope that acquiring Davis would entice a second star free agent to join him. Irving would be on their short list of such players, and the Knicks armed with Davis and enough cap room for Irving, stand as one the only Irving threats that would unnerve Boston.”

The Lakers are unlikely to threaten the Celtics, given that they don’t have the players nor the draft picks to entice the Pelicans into a suitable trade. But the Knicks could be a serious contender if a generational talent like Williamson comes into play, which could give New Orleans a good chance to start a strong rebuild with a once-in-a-light-year talent.