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Celtics’ Brad Stevens has hilarious reaction to Montrezl Harrell’s dunk on Grant Williams

brad Stevens, Montrezl Harrell, Celtics, Clippers

The Boston Celtics and Brad Stevens breathed a sigh of relief after taking down the LA Clippers in a double-overtime classic. However, they had to endure some blunders on the way to the W, such as Montrezl Harrell’s powerful slam on Grant Williams during the last two minutes of the second OT.

This particular highlight happened during the last two minutes of the game. Harrell got the ball on the left, and then he went to work on Williams of the Celtics. Harrell caught Williams flat-footed and blasted past him for the easy slam. ClutchPoints’ video of the incident shows just how incredible the moment was.

Naturally, the media asked head coach Brad Stevens about his thoughts on the incident. While he’s more than happy that the Celtics won, he did concede that Harrell’s slam was particularly nasty. In fact, he joked with The Athletic’s Jay King and the rest of the media that they had to check on Grant Williams after the forward was posterized in such a manner.

While it’s true that Williams could have performed a lot better, it cannot be denied that Harrell had a great game overall for the Clippers against the Celtics. Starting off the bench, he finished the classic match with 24 points, 13 rebounds, three assists, two steals, and three blocks. He made up for the poor performance Paul George was showing on the night.

Fortunately for the Celtics, the team managed to pull away at the end of the game. Thanks to Kemba Walker’s near-triple-double performance, Jayson Tatum’s 39 points, and Marcus Smart’s 31, the Celtics managed to walk away with the win.

Many Celtics fans would agree that they’d let Harrell posterize their man all they want as long as they end up with the most important highlight, which is the win. That is exactly what Boston claimed in the final contest before the NBA All-Star Break. It was the kind of game which sets the stage for the home stretch of the NBA regular season, which isn’t too far away.