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Danny Ainge’s son clarifies Terry Rozier’s nickname by Celtics teammates

There seems to have been some confusion regarding Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier’s nickname. Rozier is affectionately called “T-Ro” by the team, but some fans have apparently heard something close but different. It’s gotten to the point where Austin Ainge, the Celtics’ Director of Player Personnel and son of team president Danny Ainge, had to clear things up on Twitter.

“Dear awesome Celtics twitter family,

People on our team call Terry Rozier ‘T-Ro.’  Some of you have mistakenly heard and often repeated ‘Tito’.  My man @T_Rozzay3 is ballin out, so let’s get this right!”

As the younger Ainge points out at the end, Rozier has been “ballin’ out” in his third year with the team. He’s averaging 10.3 points and 5.4 rebounds in 24.8 minutes per game as he’s emerged as a regular part of the Celtics’ rotation.

To be honest, though, “Tito” sounds like a much cooler nickname than the rather formulaic “T-Ro.” It has a lot more character and would set him apart. For those reasons, he should at least consider making the change permanent.

However, whatever he decides to be called, Rozier has definitely earned the right to be recognized thanks to his fine play thus far for the league-leading Celtics.