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Celtics’ Gordon Hayward on Andrew Luck’s retirement – ‘I know where he’s coming from’


Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement from the NFL is news that shocked the American sporting landscape. There are plenty of opinions circulating whether his decision to quit was the right call to make. Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward understands where the star quarterback is coming from in terms of his decision.

NBC Sports’ Sherrod Blakely shared Hayward’s two cents on the entire thing:

“Pretty shocked like everybody (else),” said the 29-year-old Hayward, who on Wednesday was participating in an all-girls Jr. Celtics basketball camp as part of the “Her Time to Play” national initiative. “But at the same time, I definitely know where he’s coming from. I know how that whole situation feels.”

Hayward, an Indiana native, added, “He has to do what he thinks is best and what’s going to make him the happiest. As a Colts fan, I wish that he could have stayed. (Former New England Patriots quarterback) Jacoby (Brissett) is good too. I think it’s just … you expect especially around here, guys to play until their 42 or whatever Tom (Brady). That just doesn’t happen very often. He (Luck) did a lot of great things for the city.”

Gordon Hayward can understand why Luck walked away from the game. He was one of the league’s top forwards when he broke his foot in a gruesome injury during his first game as a Celtic. He has played an entire season of basketball since then, but his All-Star numbers before the injury haven’t returned since then.

It’s good that a figure like Hayward expressed his support for Luck. It also reminds fans that their favorite athletes are humans as well. Not everyone is blessed with good health like Tom Brady or LeBron James. Fans should appreciate their athletes while they can still play at full strength.