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Celtics star Jaylen Brown’s powerful statement on fighting back after Daunte Wright shooting

Jaylen Brown Daunte Wright Celtics

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown continues to use his voice to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, this time in the wake of the Daunte Wright incident.

In an interview, he expressed his frustrations with all the things that are currently happening in society and claimed that he will continue to stand up and fight for people’s rights, especially against racism, per Jared Weiss.

Speaking out on these issues isn’t anything new for Brown, as he already been a strong advocate for social change over the past year. He was vocal about the killing of Breonna Taylor back dating back to March of 2020. Prior to entering the Orlando bubble back in late July, Brown also led a peaceful protest in Atlanta due to the killing of George Floyd.

After several months, the 24-year-old felt that it was time to make his voice heard once again after the fatal incident that happened to Daunte Wright, who was shot by the police in Minnesota last Sunday.

Aside from the shooting, Brown’s home state of Georgia also passed a bill that mandated voter ID provisions and the implementation of mail voting which will reportedly make it harder for minorities to cast their votes in the next elections.

As a rising star in the league, Jaylen Brown knows that he has a responsibility and an ability to make an impact on and off the court. Hopefully, the courage showed by the Celtics All-Star will get to inspire more players to use their platforms and share their voices in light of the ongoing issues in society today.