Well, that was interesting. During the Boston Celtics' win against the New York Knicks, star guard Jaylen Brown was ejected for seemingly no reason. Brown was sitting on Boston's bench when he was ejected. Fans, as well as Brown's teammates, were confused, and rightfully so. Why would a player not even on the court be ejected?

Well, the referees have given an explanation as to why Brown was ejected, per Jay King. Whether it's a satisfactory explanation for Celtics fans is up for debate. Based on the replies, though, it seems like most people are in agreement that the ejection was unwarranted.

“In a pool report, one of tonight’s officials said Jaylen Brown’s second technical foul was “called for a wave off directed at the official which under the respect of the game guidelines is considered an overt gesture and an unsportsmanlike act.””

NBA referees have come under fire in recent times for their questionable decisions. This will likely just add to that long list of complaints. The main concern is that referees seem to be a lot more “emotional” in their officiating, letting their emotions affect their decision-making. This is a prime example, with the Celtics losing their star player in the middle of a relatively close game.

The Celtics were still able to win against the Knicks in the end. However, had they lost, there would've been talk about how the game was affected because of a “soft” ejection. Boston continues their hot streak this season, and they're set to welcome back Kristaps Porzingis from his injuruy.