The Boston Celtics have been on fire to start the 2022-23 season, as they have cruised out to a 9-3 record in the early going. A big reason for that success is because of their star duo in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and if you ask their former teammate Kemba Walker, Tatum and Brown are vital to the Celtics success.

Walker was brought into Boston after Kyrie Irving decided to run off to the Brooklyn Nets, and for a point in time, looked like the leader of the Celtics next great team. But as Walker began to fall apart due to injuries, Tatum and Brown only got better, and it eventually led to Walker getting dealt to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Walker spoke glowingly of the Celtics star pairing, and warned the team that they would be in shambles without them.

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It’s nice to hear Walker speak so glowingly of the Celtics two best players, as their growth ultimately made it so that Walker was no longer necessary in their future plans. But with rumblings of a potential trade involving Brown for Kevin Durant popped up this offseason, it has become clear that the Celtics are much better off with Brown sticking in town rather than bringing in anyone else.

Tatum and Brown have been arguably the best duo in the league to start the 2022-23 season, and they will remain vital in the team’s attempts to make it back to the NBA Finals this season. Walker offers a warning to the Celtics that they will likely be in trouble if they get any funny ideas about moving on from either of these guys. But after their torrid start to the season, it’s safe to assume Tatum and Brown will be playing together in Boston for quite a long time.