Celtics news: Kyrie Irving has no comment on Anthony Davis adding Boston to list
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Kyrie Irving has no comment on Anthony Davis adding Celtics to list

Anthny Davis, Kyrie Irving

Despite the ton of newsworthy activity that went down on All-Star Weekend, New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis and his trade saga remained one of the hottest topics.

Davis recently hinted that the Boston Celtics are actually part of his list of teams he would prefer to be traded to this summer. When asked what he thought about Davis’ recent comments, Celtics star Kyrie Irving was quick to casually brush off the subject:

“Oh, he did, did he?” Irving said nonchalantly, per The Athletic’s Joe Vardon. “I don’t think I have a comment on that right now.”

There are so many ways one can interpret Irving’s statement — or lack thereof — here.

There is no doubt that he knew about Davis’ announcement, but the fact that he tried to imply that this was no big deal for him only works towards the opposite.

Is Irving trying to play it cool knowing that the Celtics received a huge boost with Davis’ recent statement?

Or is he just not feeling excited about a potential teamup between him and Davis because of the fact that he has already made up his mind about leaving Boston in the summer?

Whatever the case may be, this is simply Kyrie Irving at his best. He barely said anything, but we’re all still reading so much into his seemingly innocuous two-sentence answer.

What’s certain is this: We should get a thousand more news bits related to this subject from now until the free-agency market opens in the offseason.