Coming out of Georgia State many believed that R.J. hunter might be one of the steals of the draft with the Boston Celtics. During college he put the Panthers on the map and helped lead them to an NCAA Tournament berth. He hit a buzzer beater against Baylor in the second round of the NCAA tournament that made his father fall out of his chair.

Once he got to the Celtics he didn't make much of an impact in the NBA and he bounced between the G-League and the Celtics before being a little over a year after he first played with the team.

Hunter admits that bouncing around has been tough on him but he is ready to put his ego aside and just play basketball.

“I think just not sticking [bothered me] and listening to too many voices,” Hunter said to The Boston Globe. “Then you’re getting pulled either which way and so your focus is not on what you really are there to do. It just takes some time to bounce around, and fall a couple of times and figure it out.

“It’s been extremely tough because I think the biggest thing is putting my ego aside and just getting back to playing basketball. I’ve needed everything that I’ve went through and it’s made me a better person, better player. My focus is better. I can bounce back during games. I’m just trying to appreciate every opportunity.”

Hunter signed a two-way contract with the Houston Rockets in January and he is hoping to make a big enough impact that he can find his way back in the NBA. As much as he wants to play in the NBA and it's a goal he is just happy to get a chance to play the game he loves.