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Ray Allen reveals LeBron James’ Heatles ‘scared to death’ of Big 3 Celtics team

Ray Allen LeBron James Celtics Big 3 Heatles

Hall of Famer Ray Allen has had the honor (or dishonor, depending on where you’re sitting) of playing for two of the best teams in the league during the late-2000’s/early-2010’s. As a matter of fact, he even won a championship with both the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

Having been on both sides of the fence, Allen recently made a huge revelation about how LeBron James and the rest of the Heat were terrified by the Celtics:

“I learned how afraid Miami was of Boston. They were scared to death of us, of everything we run, the things that we did on a daily basis,” Allen said, via ESPN (h/t Yiannis Bouranis of TalkBasket.net).

Allen was a key cog for the Celtics when they won the title in 2008, playing alongside the likes of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. He parted ways with the C’s in 2012, opting to take his talents to South Beach as a free agent. It was here when he realized just how much fear Boston struck at the collective heart of this powerhouse Miami team.

Allen’s move to Miami caused quite a stir, with Garnett and company holding a grudge against him for what they deemed to be a showing of utter betrayal from Allen’s end.

Allen did not go into detail as to why and how he realized how intimidated Miami was with Boston, but we’re going to take his word for it. It is probably safe to say that he also shared some insider info of his own when he moved to Miami.