Like many other athletes, Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward is a video game junkie. Some prefer role-playing or racing games, but for Hayward, it’s Fortnite that has his attention. And in fact, the former Horizon League Player of the Year is becoming quite good at this off-the-court hobby. His wife, Robyn, however, doesn’t seem to care for the amount of time he spends playing.

Earlier this summer, Hayward posted a video of one of his Fornite sessions. In the clip, Hayward’s wife, Robyn, placed their daughter on his lap while he was in the heat of battle. Obviously, this was Robyn’s way of dropping a hint.

“The games are really fast too,” Hayward said via USA Today. “So when Robyn is yelling up the stairs that it’s time for dinner, I know that I can play one more and then go down to eat. She won’t get too mad.

“Sometimes when she’s ready for me to be done, she’ll bring the girls in,” Hayward continued. “There was a thing that went viral where I was streaming for HyperX and she brought Charlie in, which was pretty funny.

“That’s one of her favorite ways of reminding me that I’m a dad—just bringing one of the girls up and drops them on my lap like, “Hey. You have a couple of kids here. It’s time to get off!”

Yet another video of Hayward playing Fortnite surfaced on Thursday morning. In this clip, Hayward proclaimed to Robyn that he had managed to get a solo win while streaming live. Robyn, who’s currently pregnant, did not seem too impressed.

“Robyn, I had a solo win on-stream,” Gordon proudly said to his wife.

“I don’t care,” Robyn bluntly replied.

“You don’t care?” Gordon scoffed. “Robyn… I only have 25 wins in solo (play) — that’s a big deal.”

Though he’s a big fan now, there was a time when Hayward didn’t like Fortnite at all. Now he seems to have caught the bug, as they say. In fact, he recently sent out a challenge to all of his NBA brothers.

It’s true that gaming can take away from family time, but there are certainly worse activities to be preoccupied with.