The Boston Celtics had a very disappointing end to their season with a dud in Game 7 against the Miami Heat. To make matters worse, key guys like Jayson Tatum, Derrick White and Malcolm Brogdon all enter the offseason with injuries they are going to have to tend to, reports The Athletic's Jared Weiss.

According to Brad Stevens, Jayson Tatum will be dealing with a nagging ankle sprain, although he feels better already. Malcolm Brogdon might need surgery on his arm and will be determined amongst his camp this summer. Lastly, Derrick White has a small strain in his knee. None of the injuries are excuses for their playoff exit, but it sure is a testament to how much professional athletes put their bodies on the line.

In the end, Celtics fans couldn't care less if players were injured or not; Boston was a true contender and the only expectation this season was an NBA Finals ring. After the Milwaukee Bucks were outed early in the postseason, the opportunity was golden for the Celtics to return to the NBA Finals in back-to-back seasons. Albeit the opportunity, the Heat were simply a more determined team when the series defining moments arrived.

The Celtics in general will be facing a lot of questions this offseason. Number one will be what the future looks like for Jaylen Brown, as rumblings have long been heard that he is ready to branch out and relinquish his spot in Jayson Tatum's shadow. As key Celtics players tend to injuries this offseason, there will certainly be more news out of Boston regarding the future of the Celtics roster.