Some fans have been trying to revoke Kendrick Perkins' Boston Celtics card amid all the criticism the one-time NBA champ has thrown in the direction of his former team. According to Big Perk, he's just being honest and he's merely providing his unbiased opinion on the Celtics — something that he has come out with again after seeing Boston get dominated by the Miami Heat at home in a do-or-die Game 7 matchup on Monday night.

At this point, Perkins believes that Jaylen Brown has to go. This isn't the first time Big Perk has come out with this statement, and Brown's no-show in Game 7 only served as more proof for Perkins on how the Celtics have to trade Brown away this summer:

“It’s time to break Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum up,” Perkins said. “Jaylen Brown was horrible tonight — eight turnovers, 8-for-23 from the field. Jayson Tatum (is) hurt; this is the time he’s supposed to step up.

“I just don’t know, if you’re the front office of the Celtics, how much longer you’re going to be patient with this duo. It's gonna be guys out there that are going to be somewhat on the market, like a Trae Young and a Damian Lillard. And I think the front office, Brad Stevens and Wyc Grousbeck, is gonna have to take a hard look at whether or not they want to bring Jaylen Brown back and pair him up with Jayson Tatum, which I think they shouldn’t. I think they should go out there and try to get a Damian Lillard, and if they fall short of getting him, then go get a Trae Young. But I think it’s time to end this relationship right now.”

Perkins even provided the Celtics with a couple of options in Damian Lillard and Trae Young, which are undeniably exciting prospects for Boston — especially given their current situation. Whatever the case might be, what Big Perk is adamant about is the fact that Jaylen Brown needs to go. Now.