Internet celebrity Logan Paul went head-to-head with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. on June 6, 2021. While the exhibition match will eventually fade into obscurity, Logan's celebrity status as a Youtuber star who can throw punches only benefited from the bout. The two fought with custom boxing rules, consisting of eight 3-minute rounds, with no judge's decision in the end. The winner can only be declared via knockout. After eight rounds, the two stayed on their feet, and no winner was declared.

Still, Logan Paul caught the attention of many viewers, especially his young fans. Logan's core demographic consists of children, and maybe that explains the Youtube celebrity's fashion choice going into the bout. He went in with a regular boxing attire, except that he's wearing aĀ PokemonĀ Trading Card around his neck. The card was that of a rare Charizard, graded and encased in special protective plastic.

For those of you who don't know, sometimes trading cards can cost a lot, especially the rare ones. Charizards in the first place are already hard to come by, but this version of theĀ PokemonĀ trading card is more special than other Charizard cards. ā€œIt's a BGS 10 Charizard, First Edition Charizard,ā€ Logan stated during the press conference after the fight. ā€œIt's one of three in the world.ā€ According to an Instagram post by Logan, he spent over $2 million buying First Edition boxes of PokemonĀ Trading Card Game, hoping to find the prized card.

How much is the Charizard card around Logan Paul's neck?

Trading card prices are based on three factors. First is its rarity. The First Edition Charizard is one of the rarest cards in Pokemon. The second is its pristine condition. If a card is of mint condition, it's bound to sell for a high price. Finally, there's the case of grading. Grading is the process of certifying that a collectible is legitimate, as well as examining its condition. As Logan claimed, a BSG 10 Charizard is just one of a few in the world. Last year, one of those cards sold for $180,000. Logan claims he got his for $150,000 last year.

And there you have it.Ā Logan Paul's ā€œprized possessionā€ costs nearly two hundred grand. However, he also said that his Charizard card is a ā€œmillion-dollar card,ā€ mostly because the Youtuber spent over two million dollars buying PokemonĀ First Edition boxes trying to get one. On eBay, one of those sealed boxes runs for thousands of dollars themselves.