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Charles Barkley roasts Shaquille O’Neal for believing that the earth is flat

Charles Barkley is definitely on team round when it comes to the flat-Earth debate. He is so convinced that he recently roasted TNT colleague Shaquille O’Neal for siding with Kyrie Irving’s argument that the earth is flat.

In his appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Sir Charles called out Shaq for what he perceived as flawed logic from the four-time NBA champion.

See the full interview below:

In the interview, The Round Mound of Rebound even took a shot at Kyrie, insinuating that his lack of college education is what has led to his irrational hypothesis.

Barkley also shared an amusing story about how his Inside the NBA co-host actually believed that Atlanta was closer to the moon than it was to California.

Here’s the clip from the show:


The best part about this is that, as Barkley stated, O’Neal appeared to be serious about his claims about the moon’s distance.

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