The face of Michael Jordan crying during his 2009 induction to the Hall of Fame has become one of the great tools of social media fans to express the sadness of both their favorite superstars and bitter rivals in their moments of defeat.

But according to Charles Oakley, M.J. is not a fan. When asked by TMZ what Jordan thought of the meme, Oakley responded “No, he don't like it.”

This news contradicts what one of Jordan's representatives had previously told reporters when they stated, “We think it's funny. Everyone seems to be having fun with it.”

Regardless of what His Airness thinks of how people use a picture of him in his public moment of vulnerability, it has certainly become a cultural icon for all current events anyone might cry about. When it comes to basketball, we all know M.J. is the GOAT. But is he now also the GOAT when it comes to memes?