Chicago Bears: 2 major X-Factors for Week 11 vs. Rams
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Chicago Bears: 2 major X-Factors for Week 11 vs. Rams

The Chicago Bears kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a win last week against the Detroit Lions, and now they need a win on Sunday Night Football against the Los Angeles Rams. The Bears are underdogs and a couple of key items can be the difference if they want to come away with a victory. Let’s look at two X-factors in the Bears coming away with a win.

Bears defensive front

The Bears led by Khalil Mack have one of the best defensive fronts in all of football and to come away with a victory they are going to have to play like it.

The Rams offensive line is banged up and Jared Goff has had a lot of issues this year when there has been pressure in his face. He has been sacked 16 times this year and fumbled on six of those. Four of those fumbles have been lost and a turnover or two from Goff is a big key for the Bears.

The Rams are expected to start rookie Bobby Evans at right tackle and that is something the Bears need to take advantage of. If Mack and the rest of the defensive line can do their job, it could be a long night for Goff and the Rams offense.

Mitchell Trubisky/Playing

There is no doubt that Mitchell Trubisky has struggled this year but he hasn’t been done any favors by the play calling. In the Bears, last game against the Detroit Lions during the first half the play calling wasn’t allowing Trubiksy to push the ball down the field and it made the Lions life easy.

When the play-calling finally opened up Trubisky looked better and the offense finally started to move the ball.

Trubisky finished the game throwing for 173 yards and three touchdowns. It’s clear the Bears coaching staff doesn’t fully trust Trubisky, but they need to at least let him throw the ball deep sometimes.

Even if he doesn’t complete the pass it’s something the Rams will have to respect and should open up the rest of the offense.

Trubisky is going to need to play well and not turn the ball over. If he can throw the ball for 250 yards and a couple of touchdowns the Bears should at least have a chance.

If the Bears defensive line can put pressure on Goff, and Trubisky wins the quarterback battle, the Bears can win their second game in a row.