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CinnamonToastKen releases final video with BuffPro on Meme Couch

CinnamonToastKen BuffPro last meme couch video

CinnamonToastKen and BuffPro recorded and released their final video on the Meme Couch. See the video below:

Goodbye Meme Couch: The Final CinnamonToastKen & BuffPro Meme Couch episode

CinnamonToastKen and BuffPro have been making Meme Couch episodes since 2018. But since Ken had moved to Australia to live there with his wife Mary and their two kids, making Meme Couch videos will no longer be possible for the two content creators.

When Ken left the US a month and a half ago, he and Buff recorded ahead. Ken didn’t want his CinnamonToastKen Youtube channel to not have any content while he’s settling in their new home in Sydney. This video was the last in that series of videos. Ken says that what’s coming up next would either be a new vlog or a new video with him and BuffPro reacting to memes again. A part of this video even teased their new format. But what will the show be called now that there will no longer be sitting next to each other? We’ll find that out just yet.

Buff’s inclusion in Ken’s videos drew in more fans as he added an additional layer of comedy and entertainment to the channel. While Ken and Buff will continue making videos together, fans will miss their unique dynamic sitting beside each other on the Meme Couch. The show will no doubt continue to be entertaining and fun, but it will never be the same ever again.