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NBA executive invokes Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen when talking about Kawhi Leonard, Paul George

Clippers, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen

Now that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are on board, the Clippers hype train is rolling with a full head of steam. One team executive recently likened the pairing of Leonard and George to that of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen — one of the greatest duos to ever wear an NBA uniform.

To be fair, the Clippers executive did not claim that Leonard and George would be as good as Jordan and Pippen, who won six championships together with the Chicago Bulls. However, he does feel that the league hasn’t seen this sort of pairing in quite a while:

“I’m not saying Kawhi Leonard is Michael Jordan and I’m not saying Paul George is Scottie Pippen,” the Clippers executive told Ben Golliver of The Washington Post. “But you have to go all the way back to those guys to find two [perimeter players] who can score the ball and hound their men like this.”

The Clippers will be a formidable force in the coming season, to be sure … but let’s not get carried away. After all, this is Jordan and Pippen we are talking about here. That sort of legacy may never be broken.

Leonard and George will be great together, but they won’t be together long enough to amass the six rings that Michael and Scottie earned. Regardless, L.A. will be looking to make a strong run toward the postseason, and the two-way ability of Leonard and George will lead the way.