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Kawhi Leonard confirms he’s not a Terminator

Clippers, Kawhi Leonard, Terminator

On social medial, the running joke is that LA Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard is a robot, or at least acts like one at times. His emotionless style of play and press conferences led people to joke that he’s a cyborg or the Terminator. The joke was fully embraced by Leonard when he and Paul George starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lindaa Hamilton in a promotional trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate back in October 2019.

The Clippers are slowly trickling back into their practice facility to begin training camp on Sunday. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George made their first appearances on Thursday afternoon and spoke with members of the media for the first time since their disappointing loss in the Western Conference semifinals.

Leonard was asked about his motivation to compete and the different leadership style that may come with that. His answer caught the attention of some fans.

“The motivation definitely comes in from within the player,” Kawhi Leonard explained. “A coach can’t put a battery in your back and tell you to play harder to go win games. You have to have the mindset. You have to train your body for the season and games to play well, or at least play at the level that you want to play. But my leadership role isn’t going to change. I’m just going to keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing.”

‘Coach can’t put a battery in your back,’ might be the most Kawhi quote as to how to get motivated to play.

Some Clippers fans, however weren’t buying Leonard’s quote.

The Clippers are hoping Leonard can lead them further this season in another championship or bust year for both teams in Los Angeles.