The Los Angeles Clippers made blockbuster moves this past offseason, acquiring both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. It put LA smack dab in the middle of title contention, but it may not have been possible without Drake's hospitality.

According to a report from ESPN's Ramona Shelbrune, Drake allowed Leonard and George to discuss their plans for the future at his house in Hidden Hills, California over the summer. The two stars were already sharing text messages at that time, but a pair of face-to-face meetings at the home helped seal the proverbial deal as they plotted their way to the Clippers:

There were countless text messages and phone calls and then two in-person meetings at Drake's house in Hidden Hills, California. (Drake had befriended Leonard during his season in Toronto and let Leonard — who lives in San Diego — stay there when he was in Los Angeles for free-agent meetings.) By July 1, they had decided to put their plan in motion: Leonard told the Clippers that he was interested in playing for them but only if they could improve their roster by adding an All-Star-caliber player like George.

Leonard joined the Clippers after one season with the Toronto Raptors — a campaign in which he led the team to its first championship in franchise history. Drake is a huge Raptors fan and a global ambassador for the franchise, so it's rather interesting that he helped facilitate Leonard's move to LA.

George, on the other hand, came home to Southern California as part of a trade package with the Oklahoma City Thunder. George is certainly happy to be playing for his hometown Clippers:

“I think the best thing is before every game when I'm introduced,” George, who hails from Palmdale, California, said, via ESPN. “I'm not playing for the Clippers. This is home. I'm playing for the home team.”

Though Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have both missed time this season (George is currently sidelined with a hamstring issue), the Clippers (28-13 overall) are on their way to a spot in the postseason and will be a formidable threat as long as both stars are healthy.