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LeBron James, Lakers hit with brutal Clippers truth bomb from Kendrick Perkins

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If you’re going to ask Kendrick Perkins, LA has been a Clipper land ever since Tyronn Lue took over the Los Angeles Clippers. While LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have always been the more popular team, that doesn’t mean they are the better squad right now.

In his latest appearance on NBA Today, Perkins went beyond when asked who had the better offseason between the Lakers and Clippers. For him, the Clips had the best offseason in the NBA this 2022, noting how deep the squad is with Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and John Wall leading the way.

Perkins also noted how the Clippers have the better coach in Lue, who has punished the Lakers since his arrival. With that, he sees the team winning it all in 2022-23.

“But I’m looking at the Clippers, I have them as my favorites to win it all. I mean when you think about the coach in Tyronn Lue. Since Tyronn Lue has been the head coach of the Clippers, LeBron James hasn’t beaten him one time and so that says a lot. Also, you have a healthy Kawhi Leonard coming back, we saw how Paul George finished the season,” Perkins explained.

“The Clippers right now, they are really really dangerous, they are really deep, and I think they have the best team in the NBA when they start this season.”

Considering the uncertainties about the Lakers’ roster, it’s easy to see where Kendrick Perkins is coming from. The Clippers are a well-built team as well, and they are really well-poised to dominate if they can stay healthy.

Of course a lot can happen in a season and there are other factors to consider. But until the Lakers prove they have a championship contender with their current roster, it’ll be hard to change the mind of Perkins … and probably several other NBA fans for that matter.