Patrick Beverley made it abundantly clear that he doesn't like the fact that Los Angeles Clippers stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are being used as the poster boys of load management.

In his own words, the new Philadelphia 76ers guard said it's “f**ked up” that Leonard, George and the Clippers are always being associated with load management.

“Why every time they show the team they show the Clippers? Every app I've seen it on they showed Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. That's f**ked up,” Beverley said when talking about the load management issue in the NBA, via the Pat Bev Podcast.

To be fair to Patrick Beverley and the Clippers, it's true that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are not the only ones doing load management. It was San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich who popularized it, after all.

And to the players' defense, both Leonard and PG have battled through injuries over the past few years. Considering how much the Clippers need them, it's only logical to give them rest from time to time to ensure that they are in a good spot physically come the postseason.

However, it's also hard to blame the fans for associating it with Leonard and the Clippers. They do load manage a lot, and for the supporters who just want to see them play, it's certainly disappointing to attend games only to learn that the team's top stars won't be there to take the court.

The NBA has established a new resting policy in order to stifle load management and prevent players from sitting out a lot of games. It remains to be seen if it will be effective, though, especially since there could be loopholes to circumvent the new order. It will be interesting to see as well what the Clippers will do, especially since resting players has been part of their strategy to keep Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in top condition for the season.