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Patrick Beverley speaks out on Clippers trying to find their identity


Despite winning three of their last four games, there are legitimate questions facing the Los Angeles Clippers. In their last three games, the Clippers have given up an astounding 128 points per game to three teams that have a record under .500. For a team that features defensive talent such as Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Patrick Beverly, the team’s recent struggles on that side of the ball are concerning.

According to Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints, Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley isn’t concerned with the team’s lack of identity and defensive effort.

“I think we wake up every day knowing exactly who the f**k we are every night. It’s just for us to go out there and put it together collectively as a unit. That takes time. But we will be better,” Beverley said. “We have some time to practice and get better at the things we need to get better at whether it’s attention to detail defensively or attention to detail offensively.”
At 26-12, the Clippers have slipped to the fourth seed in the Western Conference. In the team’s last two games, they allowed the Memphis Grizzlies to score 140 points and surrendered 45 first-quarter points to the New York Knicks.
“Like I said, we’re a work in progress. The more healthier we are I can give you a better detailed answer to what type of team we are. I think we know exactly who we are.”
This offseason, the Clippers were able to pair two superstars
in George and Leonard. And despite some injury concerns and recent defensive trouble, the Clippers, at times, have proven that they can compete for an NBA title.