The NBA reached peak offseason. Free agents are on vacation after signing their deals, most of the Pro-Ams have come and gone, and the season is still two months away. Some guys, including LA Clippers talents, are still making sure to get their runs in. Paul George, Patrick Beverley, and Pascal Siakam are perfect examples of that.

George, Beverley, and Siakam were among those who attended a recent Rico Hines run in Los Angeles. Hines, a renowned NBA trainer that's an assistant with the Toronto Raptors after a multi-year tenure with the Sacramento Kings, hosts offseason runs at a gym in LA with no shortage of NBA players, past and present.

It was during a break in the runs that Hines has some of the veteran players speak and deliver messages to the others. Patrick Beverley took advantage of his time to give some of the younger hoopers solid advice.

“Everybody here ain't Paul George or [Pascal] Siakam, you understand?” Former Clippers talent Patrick Beverley said. “The teams aren't gonna go to you, y'all not gonna be able to have the ball like that, so you gotta do the little sh*t. If a motherf*cker has a ball in an iso and you're the cornerman just sitting there, you're in the way. You have to cut, you gotta do something, you gotta be active. Defensively, everybody's trotting back, but we ain't running back. How good you wanna be?”

“Find your role. Find your niche and your role. Find it. Find it. Everybody ain't gonna be able to shoot hesi pulls. That's just the reality of it. So find your niche and stay with it. Keep building off it, but find it first.”

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Paul George got to echo his own advice to the hoopers following Beverley.

“Everybody is blessed in this environment right here to figure out who they are in this league,” George added. “Some elevate, some plateau, some don't get better. With what he's saying though. Find your niche, but believe in what you've got. Be sharp, efficient with your dribble. Be sharp efficient with your playmaking. Read, react, play off one another, push yourself and challenge yourself. Like guard.

“I know there's cameras and sh*t, motherf*ckers don't wanna get exposed. F*ck that. You get exposed in front of millions. Why not do it here. Work on your shit, get better.”

It's not surprising to see Patrick Beverley and Paul George still close and working out together. The duo had a couple of really good years with the Clippers in 2019-20 and 2020-21. Beverley was one of the few invited to George's grand, four-day wedding in Italy.

The Clippers are set to tip off their 2022-23 regular season on Thursday, October 20th against the Los Angeles Lakers. Their home opener will be on Sunday, October 23rd against the Phoenix Suns.